Liverpool Young MakeFest 23rd March 2018 at Liverpool Central Library
Reserve 1 to 2 trestle tables 6' by 2.5' for your display

We are really excited to see what you want to bring!
Please tell us your full name? *

It's good to know who's submitting this application so we can follow up with you
What do you prefer to be called?

Hello {{answer_E2U8pzcuiGQk}} it's nice to meet you

Tell us what your pitch should be known as *

Tell us the name of the project, organisation or business that should be listed on our website and in promotions
Please add a photograph or picture such as a logo which we can use when we promote {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}}. *

Tell us if you need one or two trestle tables *

Tables are 6 foot by 2.5 foot. If you need more space than this please complete a workshop application. you can also build and use displays on top of the tables but they must be stable and safe!

Tell us how you want your {{answer_f75CDiuB5vRe}} tables arranged *

Describe what {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} is all about *

We'll use this on our website and in promotions so people know what to expect. Tell us as much or as little as you'd like to
Does {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} need power? *

Please select the the power requirements that best suit you *

Give us some details about your power specifics *

Let us know what you are plugging in and if you plan on bringing your own power gangways
Do you have anything that should be PAT tested? *

Please ensure you bring your PAT testing certificates on the day and appropriate equipment is labelled correctly

Don't worry about PAT testing right now just continue your application (o:

We'll get in contact ASAP and we'll confirm what we can do if anything does need PAT testing
Does this {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} internet access? *

We can't provide Ethernet access but you can connect to the wifi and share the internet connection with your computers Ethernet port

Feel free to get in touch if you need help finding resources or tutorials on how to do this.
Will {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} be noisy? *

Risks concerning {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} *

We need to know about any risks even small ones. You may have a risk assessment already which you can say you have and we'll get in touch you for a copy. Please make sure you write each risk item (scissors, glue guns, irons, anything that has fast moving parts etc), the risk involved (cuts, burns, trapping fingers), and the prevention of the risk (supervision). Of course you can always state "no risks". Thanks in advance (o:
How many people will be involved in your pitch? *

We can only provide lunch and refreshments for a maximum of 4 people. You can bring more people of course and they can all get maker badges tho (o:
As it's only you we'll do our best to make sure you can get a decent break away from your pitch.

We'll endeavor to cover you for thirty minutes on the day.
Please let us know if there are any dietary requirements at all

If there aren't any please skip this question.
Please let us know if you have any access requirements

If you don't please skip this question
Contact, promotions and social media

We're going to ask for some further details about getting in touch with you and links for {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} that we can promote for you. We won't share this information with anyone else or send you unrelated emails.
What's your phone number? *

This is the best number to use for speaking to you or whoever answers calls for {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}}
Where does {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} hail from? *

Let us know where on the planet {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} is coming from (o:
If there's a twitter link for {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}}, please let us know

If there's an instagram link for {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}}, please let us know

If there's a facebook link for {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}}, please let us know

If there's a website for {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}}, please let us know

Let us know if {{answer_DRpXvMvrC3di}} has any other interesting links on the internet

This could be articles on websites or other social media sites such as YouTube or snapchat. Thanks
Have we missed anything?

Use this space to tell us anything else that you think we might need to know
Thank you for your application we will be in touch at the latest by the end of February 2018
Feel free to email Denise Jones,
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